So here’s the thing about me and blogging: i’ve tried a couple a times in the past to make fetch happen, and while I swear this time it aint fetch thats happening, something altogether similar instead will. I guess I came to the conclusion that time is not in the cards, so I sold them all – most of them, actually – and reconfigured a chunk of bandwidth back to what I think is better for me. This site you are now on will be updated frequently with shit i’m working on, sorting through, or with any luck will have mostly abandoned.

This big push came about due to dreams i’ve been having, as well as a waning interest in competitive gaming due to a lack of time I had to allocate, but moreso because of the void it carved out in me as time wore on. I leave it – for now – in a wake of wonderous community and a fucking expensive box of casual cards. No, man, it was the dreams that did it, the dreams!! My Subconscious is a lady on the water staring back at me, throwing thoughts to absorb and I do absorb them, if unwillingly. My cinema of dreams is burgeoning and business is good.

Poems, pictures, stories, reporting – mostly on travel – should be expected. I say should because, let’s face facts people, this is what I came here to do, not what will be done. I like writing in the subway and in the mornings, both of which are happening presently.

Anyway, watch this space. There’s more coming and i’d love it if you were here with me. Best/Derek

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