So Much for Dreams!

Their consistencies devoid them of reason, but it is only when

I am roundly heathen do I digest them. Rather, when the Gods

can be penned, when I become separated from them, do I imbue.

A shoe, a night, not capable of finding my light, the morning dew,

ever is the night descended, and ever is the reason absent from you.


So much for dreams! They glean nothing but exactly what they are.

Crude, violent preens. If I am to be disgusted, let me at the bar

and swell my liver over your stories, your worty half-hewn social glory,

I will smile as I pop the damned pimples off. Preen! the camera is always

ablaze! Preen again! Then, maybe, in a daze, we will fuck off this place.

But it is in silence you slip into dream. The noise gone, everything in a thin

mooning glaze, your time is almost punched, your review almost due…

the blue-black maw of night agape, ready to swallow you.


So much for them, dreams! They tell her nothing she didn’t already know.

And she wakes to the glow of her iphone, reminding herself what more

there is besides this cheap animated show, she’ll leave it there, steaming

from the sheets, and in despair, blow. He runs his hands along echoes of her hair,

the smooth sheets there coiled into a mouth. He watches as it envelops him.

I like to watch. The sky cracks, develops, a roil of pink and blue. It is always the same.

The same night, the same sky. Consistency is tranquil, but we are not thankful for you.


So much for dreams! They stare me down, the Gods, when I am at work, keeping

at the keeping of means. And so much for means! They collapse together into a wad

of petty human glue. So get your vices, boys and girls, and protect them, make

mountains out of it, a steaming pile all together now, before the science forms out of the

flue. Above New York City millions of phones flicker and wink like souls falling from

orbit, try to pry them from our swollen hands, try, just try. Hands fall, eyes release, the

maw readies, we slip as into the ocean with a please, as we drown, please, let me dream.

I can’t be a heathen forever.


So much for dreams! If only I could separate. I fall for the bait at every step.

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